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 When we are in the expectation of knowing or travelling to the Spanish territory, from any latitude, we are always thinking about the qualities of the various services such as: information and guidance, tourist services to visit with quality and among these, is the transfer or, better said, the car rental. This service has been consolidated and positioned at different levels within the services thanks to the quality of attention, it is easy to hire from the virtual platforms destined to this offer. Similarly, compliance with a rigorous system of standards and procedures to support the welfare of driving a car in this nation, is also linked to international regulations, so car hire in spain, has advantages ranging from its facilities in terms of cars and capabilities as an extraordinary maintenance.

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Spanish Potato Omelette without potatoes or Eggs

Is it possible to make a potato omelette without potatoes or eggs?

This preparation existed during the post civil war in Spain (1936-1939). During the post-Spanish civil war there was a lot of hunger and there were many who used their imaginations to calm their hunger. A proof of the creativity that provokes hunger is this potato omelette without eggs and without potatoes.

The recipe is from the Catalan chef Ignasi Domenech, published in a book entitled “Cocina de Recursos” in 1941, although the review says it was in 1938. The book in which it is reviewed is entitled  “Los años del miedo” (The years of fear), written by Juan Eslava Galán, one of the best Spanish language writers.


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Best monuments in Spain.  Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance or Mudejar style that Spain has.

In Spain the best of ancient architecture meets. There are so many architectural styles, beautiful buildings and monumental constructions that it is difficult to choose only 10. Some of the monuments on the list are unique in the world.


Alhambra in Granada, Andalusia

Arab writers used to compare Granada to a great Crown on whose forehead stands the diadem of the Alhambra. The Nasrid style is predominant. This monument is a superposition of different eras and architectural styles.

It was originally built in 889, in the middle of the Middle Ages, and then largely ignored until the Moorish conquest. The Muslims brought this palace out of ruin and turned it into a real architectural gem. With a clear Byzantine influence, the artists who forged this piece of monument developed a new style that is reflected in the capitals, arches and decorative details of the ceilings.

When the Christians conquered Granada they began to remodel parts of the castle to make room for the Renaissance by removing details and decorations that were from Islam. Still today, a visit to the Alhambra is an unforgettable experience and mind-blowing beauty.

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